Oh the shame!


It looks like I didn’t get enough nominations to impress the Judges for this year’s Independent on Sunday Rainbow List and so after two fabulous years of being included and reaching the heady top 30, I’m off the list to make room for some of the fabulous new entries.

I’ve always said I thought the list should be a way to recognise the work quite work to unsung heroes and it’s lovely to see Toni Hogg from Antidote and Sören Stauffer-Kruse (THT) being listed as they’ve made a significant contribution to the mental wellbeing of many LGBT people for more than a decade.

I am also pleased to see  that Meg-John Barker and Jay Stewart (Gendered Intelligence) and Monty Moncrieff (London Friend) continue to be recognised for their enduring commitment to work to improve the lives of our communities and nice to see that Dr Stuart Lorimer (GenderCare and Charing Cross Gender Clinic) is on the list.

This year’s list contains lots of fresh new faces and inclusion in the Rainbow list a great way to promote their work for the community. To my embarrassment I didn’t know of the work of Matthew Ogston (https://www.nazandmattfoundation.org) Amelia Lee (The Proud Trust), Wayne Dhesi (http://www.rucomingout.com/), Abbey Kiwanuka and Edwin Sesange (Out and Proud Diamond Group).  I’m pleased I do now and it shows how well informed the judges are and what a tough job they have to compile such an interesting list.

I’ll be honest, I am sad not to have been included.  I’ve rarely been recognised for my work in putting queer therapy on the agenda in Britain and in working with all the psy/therapy bodies to ensure therapists don’t pathologise gender or sexual diversities and actually get a decent level of training to work with us. This is also something Meg-John Barker and I have recently written about for the UKCP journal The Psychotherapist 

There are now masses of gay Awards for which I’ve not been nominated: Stonewall, Attitude, OUTstanding for LGBT corporate types, which sit alongside the broader diversity and inclusion awards  the National Diversity and European Diversity Awards (the last two Pink Therapy was shortlisted for), and so finding myself on the Rainbow List two years ago was an immense boost to my self-esteem and I’ll cherish the two years I had on it.  Tomorrow evening I will enjoy escorting Meg-John to the Celebratory party and the fabulous view of St Paul’s. 

BTW the one award I most covet (in case anyone’s feeling like putting some energy into nominating me for something) is the Sexual Freedom Awards   Where you get a Flying Golden Penis. How AMAZING is that?

Flying Penis Erotic Award

(This one belongs to my mate Empress Stah)

Dominic Davies
Founder and Chief Exec

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