It’s crazy how one year you think ‘i am never going to make it out alive’ to think ‘i can make these dreams come true’

Inspiring and brave. The tenacity of the human spirit to survive and thrive!

right photo – 11 years old (first day of high school): Unfortunately i remember this age so so well. it was months/weeks after i wrote my first suicide note saying i was going to kill myself, i clearly wasn’t in the correct mind frame or whats so ever, it was just after puberty kicked in and i wasn’t happy at all, i was always sad, i had no friends, my mum was divorcing my dad and i was in pieces. moving 300 miles away from the place you grew up and where you lived was hard for me. I refused to wear a bra, i refused to knowledge that i was beginning to become a female. as it didn’t feel right, i didn’t feel comfortable and i was having little dysphoria moments. At this time i was just an alone kid and I wasn’t prepared for puberty as I hadn’t…

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