About us

Welcome to Pink Therapy’s blog!

We are the UK’s largest independent therapy organisation to specialise in working with gender and sexual diversity clients – LGBTIQQA+ if you like!  The + is very important to us as we include a wide range of transgressive, but consensual gender and sexualities.  Our website is pinktherapy.com.

This blog will be used to comment on things we’re interested in and concerned about or are keen to open up debate and discussion.  Contributors will sign their posts.

One thought on “About us

  1. Hi

    This is not an advertising or link request.

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    Don’t worry, this is NOT another boring dating app… With Pal you can make new friends and see what activities other people, groups and couples are planning and you can join them. It’s about getting in touch and going outside rather than just being stuck in online. And of course its free.

    The app caters for the female and mums audience in particular based on all the categories as well as options to restrict getting spammed by men, etc.

    My partner and I moved to London a few years ago and never found it easy to make new friends. That is why, we decided to develop an app to cater for just that and we are finally live.

    Get to know new people, in case your current friends don’t have time, are tide up at work or perhaps moved away, to do something together.

    A walk through the park, getting a local to show you the city, a coffee at lunch time, a drink at the bar, a fabulous party, or someone to join you for an amazing spa day.
    There are many categories to choose from and you can search and meet people that have similar interests and do something together.

    If you don’t find anything suitable, simply create your own event. You want to see the new movie in the cinema but none of your friends want to go or have time? Post your activity on Pal and you can decide who you want to take with.

    You don’t have to use it alone, you can just create a group with your friends or a couple with your partner and do something together.

    It would be great if you could try out our app and share your thoughts on your blog and with your readers.

    The app only launched a few days ago so it will take a while until you will be able to find more users around you.

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