Booted out by Thoughtful Therapists

I managed to last just ten minutes in a professional zoom meeting to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding on Conversion Therapy with a group who are opposed to this life-saving document, which bans conversion therapy by professional therapists when used with LGBT and Asexual clients.

I was a founder member of the Coalition against Conversion Therapy along with reps from almost all the leading psy, therapy and medical bodies and NHS England, Scotland and Wales!

I made just two comments in chat. When Bob Withers was being introduced, I reminded people he has recently been sanctioned by UKCP for professional misconduct.

My second comment was: “The MoU does NOT ban exploring someone’s uncertainty or ambivalence at accepting their gender or sexuality.  Our role as a psychotherapist/counsellors is always to explore the client’s thoughts and feelings.  However, the MoU means we need to work in an affirmative-exploratory way.”

I’m not sure why I was removed from this discussion!

Dominic Davies
Founder – Pink Therapy
23 Oct 2021