Legal Ban on Conversion Therapy must be for sexual orientation AND gender identity


Ban on conversion therapy must be for sexual orientation AND gender identity 

Dr Igi/Lyndsey Moon, who is Chair of the Coalition and British Psychological Society lead said:

As representatives of the Coalition against Conversion Therapy we recognise our shared professional responsibility to fully support plans by the Government to end Conversion therapy in the UK.  We are committed to protecting the public and have drawn up the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU2) against conversion therapy with the backing of all major psychological, psychotherapeutic and counselling organisations in the UK. It has been supported by Stonewall, NHS England and NHS Scotland.

It makes clear that conversion therapy in relation to sexual orientation (including asexuality) AND gender identity is unethical and harmful.  The MOU2 unequivocally asks for conversion therapy to be banned in light of the Governments own findings (GEO LGBT Survey 2018) that 16-24yr old LGBT people are more likely to be offered conversion therapy than any other group, that asexual people are most likely to undergo conversion therapy than any other group and that trans people are far more likely to have undergone or been offered conversion therapy than cisgender people.

It’s important to note that the MoU2 is not intended to deny, discourage or exclude those with uncertain feelings around sexuality or gender identity from seeking help from an appropriate and qualified professional. It aims to help therapists to provide appropriately informed and ethical practice when working with a client who wishes to explore their sexual orientation or gender identity, or experiences conflict or distress in these areas.  

People of same-sex orientation and people with all varieties of binary, non-binary and gender-fluid identities should be regarded as equal members of society. This includes freedom from harassment in any sphere and a right to be protected from therapies that purport to change or ‘convert’ sexual orientation or gender identity.

Dr Igi Moon – Chair
Coalition Against Conversion Therapy
31 August 2020