This captures my feelings very well.
Dominic Davies
CEO Pink Therapy.

Law and Sexuality

BfYEUy95_400x400Sometimes events can change everything.  Other times, they serve to crystalise realities, (re)presenting the truths of our times.  Whether the tragic events of Orlando will have a lasting effect remains to be seen.  Right now, they serve as an awful lens through which we find ourselves reappraising our society.

For many, the events will have resulted in a desire to hug a loved one just that little bit closer, that little bit longer in the hours that followed.  For many, far too many, fifty at present, those loved ones are gone.  Lost in a hail of bullets delivered by a deeply disturbed individual with apparently a flawed sense of meaning, they can neither comfort nor be comforted again.  Desperate texts that have come to light suggest some of those at Pulse club drew their last breaths cowering in toilets as a murderous gunman unleashed his hate on the gay club…

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