Beyond Gay and Straight

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Content notes for mention of rape, biphobia, abuse, including therapeutic abuse, and bierasure.

I had the great pleasure of attending the Pink Therapy annual conference this spring. Entitled beyond Gay and Straight it focused on the experiences of bisexual people in a variety of contexts. Some, such as the worse mental health outcomes  for bisexual people, was familiar territory to me, other aspects, such as the seminar on gay men who marry straight cis women were thought-provoking and challenging in the best way.

There was too much covered in the day to give a seminar by seminar break down, fortunately Pink Therapy has put videos from the conference on You Tube. I was struck by a theme of trusting self-identification of both gender, and sexuality running through the day, and how much resistance there is to this.

Picking a side

Many bisexual people report being treated as if their sexuality…

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