9 things Transgender student’s experience..

A great insight into one young mans experience of being Trans at school.

1) Public bathrooms are a massive pain whilst in school..

Using the bathrooms in school are so awkward, simply because 99% of students in the school know that you’re transgender. The students only know that you’re transgender because in high school rumors fly around like wildfire! If you use the female toilets everybody looks at you and shouts for you to get out…But if you use the male toilets they all stare at you…All i want to do is go to the toilet and leave, that shouldn’t be hard should it?

2) When your friends stick up for you when being misgendered or bullied..

Having someone be there for you when someone is being very nasty is the best, simply because you know who to trust!

3) When people say ‘Why do you feel like a boy’….

That’s like me asking a non transgender person “why do you feel like…

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