Mr Jones and his mother question and answer session!

It’s always wonderful to find a mother whose love for her child is unconditional and who allows their child to grow into their own person. This is a sweet and moving account.

I spoke to my mum a couple of days ago about her answering some questions for my blog and she simply replied “why?” and my only reason for this is so that other transgender kids parents can read it and relate to where my mum is coming from! As a main person in my transition i knew it was essential that i asked her these questions!

1) 5 Years ago did you understand what it meant to me transgender? if so what did you think it meant?

“No, I didn’t know what it meant”

2) Growing up what type of child was I? Was i more like a boy or a girl?

“Hyper-active! Only way to describe you was the Taz Mania devil!”

3) As a child did you think i was transgender?

“You would always dress as a boy and i could only buy you boys toys, anything girly…

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