11 Self harm Myths…

A highly sensitive subject and one which frequently distresses everyone involved. Alex’s take on this is very helpful.

As a young teenager, at the age of 13 i started to harm myself because of everything i went through. Thankfully i have been in recovery for 2 years now but i know there are still myths surrounding the issue! I just want to highlight the top 11 issues and the truth surrounding self harm.

1) Self harm is attention seeking..

Most people who self harm are doing it because they are blaming themselves for what has happened, or it may be because they feel like they deserve it, or simply they may struggle with mental health issues or addictions other than self harm. Why would someone injure themselves to seek attention?

2) People who self harm are suicidal…

People who self harm may be suicidal, but sometimes they aren’t. Harming yourself doesn’t mean you want to kill yourself.

3) The only form of self harm is cutting yourself..


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