Omissions in the Core Competencies

With the recent events in Russia over the state of LGBT+ rights and acceptance, we thought it might be interesting to point out a recent event which caused some concern.

During the revision of the Professional Competencies for Psychotherapists in Europe being drafted by the European Association for Psychotherapists (EAP)  it was noted by one of our Directory members, psychologist Dr Greg Madison that the extensive document held in it no mention of sexual minorities as ‘stimagtised’ groups. For a relatively sizeable ‘minority’ this appeared to be a glaring omission.

And it was. On closer examination it was confirmed that no mention of sexualities was given, although issues of gender had been. Pink Therapy founder, Dominic Davies contacted Tom Warnecke Vice Chair of UKCP to express his concern and an amendment was quickly proposed.

The issue itself is worth commenting upon, not simply because of the state of LGBT+ rights in Europe as of global interest, but for the concern raised when the sexualities are excluded from information that creates more understanding therapeutic support for stigmatised groups.

The Executive Council of EAP meeting occurs this month in Moscow, in which the amendment, which has now garnered additional support from the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, will be reviewed.

It is hoped that the location of this meeting will not affect the outcome of this particular amendment, and in the new Competencies there will be due consideration of sexual minorities.

Jack Flanagan

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